Monday, March 1, 2010

"February" Bulletin Board

Just had to show you some Yummy stuff we ate for our "Valentine Dinner"
This is a side view of the bulletin board I decorate. It is 4x4 size. I have had a fun time coming up with ideas.. I love serving in my Church and love using the Talents God has blessed me with.
This is a garland I put together... Lots of flowers, ribbons beads all on a wide white ribbon... A little birdie on top too..
I made these silouettes on Oval chipboard that was used for backing to picture frames. I added lace and dolies and cut out shapes of faces.. Not perfect but, it will
do.. The background is a picture of a Temple.. "ETERNAL LOVE" ..
I "Love" "Valentine's Day"... This was a fun bulletin board to do...

I also gathered white ribbon and used it as accents.. I also gathered white and red crepe paper and used it for the edging of the board..

Well- just thought I would show you what I created for February.. Today I put up my creation for "March"... My Theme is: "What Once was Dead... is Now Alive".
(Just a little hint..)


Robin said...

You are beautiful !!!! and so talented !!! Thanks for sharing a bright spot of happiness with us each month !!

Scrapally said...

you always do a wonderful job! Our bulletin board looks amazing and like a lot of work. glad you enjoy doing it!

Alisa said...

I love the silhouettes... I think they have great character to them!

Kara Ward said...

You did such a lovely job on the bulletin board. The silohette was a perfect idea. You are so talented. I love the cupcakes too....100% delicious!

Grandmotherfairy said...

As always...the bulletin board was beautiful. March is awesome also!