Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Satin Ruffled"

I went to Yard Sales with my two Special Friends.. "Partners
in crime".. "Robin and Kim"... I think they both were shocked when we came upon a Yard sale and I bolted out of the car and yelled, "I want that Styrofoam Ball!"
I knew exactly what I wanted it for... Laugh all you want.. 25cents later... Now..
whose laughing.. :)

I had seen these on : http://thedaintycoutureco.blogspot.com/

I had some Peach/Pink colored satin I had got from a Yard Sale..

My Daughter wants these for her wedding.... "Eventually" !

I cut the material into long strips about 3-4 " wide. Then I sewed down the middle on a 1.5 Length stitch on my sewing machine. The machine was slow enough that I was able to pucker the material and just sew and gather it... I left the frayed edges. (I basically used the same directions as the Dainty Couture)

Then I just used lots of pearl pins and added a bow to hang..

Pretty Nifty... I should say!


Priscila said...

so fun! Miss u! Still on for the swap?

Scrapally said...

nifty indeed! That is really pretty. I guess I need to join the crime unit sometime...I need to know what I'm looking for first! Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations! Is there a wedding looming???

Alisa said...


Robin said...

I love the satin ball !! I think you got the ball free didn't you?? hehehe

Kirstin and Brett's Family said...

Love you talent.. I updated our blog - check it out!

Dainty Couture said...

It turned out beautiful! I think the pearls and the color are stunning! Thanks so much for linking us!