Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Happy New Year's Eve" !

It has been a wk. since I last posted. Our Christmas was great.. Everyone was
happy. We have had some Family time together and that has been good. I was sick with the cold/flu for about a week. I am feeling much better now. Thank Goodness.

One of my special gifts was a new big Mixer... you know the "real" kind.. So, I have
great plans to do some great "Cooking" this year.. Thanks, Santa! :)

One of the blessings was having to observe and witness my 2 year old grandson, Parker open his gifts on Christmas Day.. A very Happy, grateful little boy.. I just
think that because he is hearing impaired he really appreciates everything. Having
him here has really made me notice things more.. and appreciate them.

I apologize if you are having a hard time leaving comments on my blog.. Sadly, I have had some very inappropriate comments.. Why? It has made me feel very uncomfortable and not sure about blogging. I have loved blogging and have met so many wonderful Women.. and have appreciated your positive comments.

I know I shouldn't let a few people ruin it for me.. If you have any suggestions for what I could do to help with my blog.. please leave me comments for now on my
email.. Thank you again for your patience.. Maybe I just need a little time..

And,.. if it continues.. I have no problem with reporting this abuse... I have rights..

To all my special Friends.. Happy New Year and God bless you all!!

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