Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Guess where I 've been????

2 Days
9 People
Rainy Cold L.A. Weather
Lots of yummy food
Lots of "Togetherness"
Felt the Christmas "Spirit" through our 2 year old Grandson, "Parkers" "Eyes"

I do "Believe" !!


Come and share the enchantment and magic,
Of Disney’s dreams come true,
Wave your wand and watch wonders appear,
Waiting there for you.

It’s time to take a jolly holiday,
Where teacups are dancing,
And brooms are entrancing,
Whistle all your cares away,
Just believe and if you imagine,
Just believe and your dreams will come true.

Discover the magic inside your heart
Hear it calling you to play,
Some pixie dust is just the start,
Once upon a time is forever and a day.

Come and share the romance and duty,
Of Disney’s dreams come true,
Feel the splendour, the hope and the joy,
Waiting there for you,

(This is only part of the words of the Christmas "Believe" Show and Fireworks song.)
It is a fantastic fireworks show with Music and effects.. I have seen it quite a few times
and it always makes me cry..
The Magic of "Snow" at the end.. really makes it all unbelievable!!!


Scrapally said...

how fun! I have always wanted to experience the happiest place on earth at Christmas time! I'm happy y'all got to go!!! But I'm glad you're back!!

Grandmotherfairy said...

What a fun family time...Disneyland is more magical at Christmas!