Thursday, December 3, 2009

Decorating November Bulletin Board

I know.. we have moved into a new month of December... I am really not trying to live in the past but,
I wanted to post the "Bulletin Board" that I decorated at Church for the month of November..
I have to say, I really get into it.. It is a way for me to serve in Church and also be Crafty !!
I could not take a picture of the entire board.. I apologize.. My lens to my camera has been damaged for overuse. :( I had to use another lens.. So.. You will see it in sections..
I took a metal frame and sprayed it black.. Then I cut a piece of cardboard to fit inside it.. Then I covered it with some plaid material.. I then attempted to remember my younger years of embroidery.. ha.. I decided to embroider with Black yarn.. Yea.. Looks like an 8 year old did it.. but notice the
bird and flower.. Not bad.. That was from a little help with the amazing book.."Doodle Stitching".. by Aimee Ray... well.. you get the idea..
This was the bottom of the bulletin board.. Remember I can only staple on these boards.. I have to be really thinking 'Out of the box' when I put it together.. I cut a 34" piece of cardboard and about 4" wide.. So, I could adhere all the Burlap, mesh ribbon, flowers, leaves, pumpkins, corn, pinecone roses etc.. Then I stapled the Heck out of it.. It actually stayed up all month.. Yippee!!!
I just left the black tulle up from last months October theme..
Here is the top of the bulletin board.. It is quite large so I have to use up all the space.. I tied big sticks together to make a frame for the bulletin board and tied end pieces with plaid material.. I had to really improvise
here. (sorry, you weren't suppose to notice the stick pins..) I made a garland out of leaves and acorns.. I spray painted them gold.. I also had to treat the acorns..
( I will tell you about that later..) attached them to gold jute..
The banner I made from felt.. I made it like a pennant. I stamped November on it and sewed it to orange seam binding.. I also made a garland of leaves cut out of old vintage wallpaper...
Notice my background paper was gold..
Since the reason we have a bulletin board is for decoration.. I mean.. INFORMATION.. HA.. For each information and news I made a frame out of sticks and tied them together and added pinecones/leaves/acorns/plaid material..
OK.. You get the idea.. Enough!! I hope you enjoyed my fun way to decorate a bulletin board ...

NOTE: To all my fellow church goers.. (You know who you are)... I spent 3 hours at the church today.. Doing the "December" Bulletin Board.... All I can say is... "Glitter/The "Reason for the Season"/"Wow".. Why????... Cuz I Love You!!

Oh yeah.. the Acorns.. I read on a site, (Sorry, can't remember name)
Always treat the Acorns first before putting them into a pretty bowl for decorations.. or you will wind up with these nasty worms all over the place..
I put the Acorns into a zip lock bag and put them into the freezer for 48 hours.
Then after the 48 hours.. I laid them on a cookie sheet and put the oven on 250 degrees for 30-45 minutes.. THIS WILL KILL THOSE NASTY BUGS...
Well.. it worked and I used the Acorns in some other fun projects... Try it next Fall...


Grandmotherfairy said...

It truly was the most beautiful bulletin board ever!!!

Alisa said...

What you have shown is just gorgeous, Caleen! Can't wait to see December's.
Thanks for sharing about the acorns... never would have thought about bugs!

Stefanie said...

omg! I can't believe how much time you spend on these amazing boards!! For some reason i thought you had the items already. how amazing you are! Thank you for creating such wonderful boards that i just love and could stare at for days! You truly are amazing Caleen and extremely talented!