Friday, July 3, 2009

"Vignettes" Around the house !

I love to Decorate. These are some "Vignettes" around my Home.. That I have
created using "Yard Sale, thrift store, and given to me treasures!! It is fun to Reuse, Recycle
and redo.. I am always "Tweaking" the house and adding and taking away things.. I still have
some projects to finish like: Curtains, Pillows...

I have always loved decorating. I use to change things around in the Home I grew
up as a child. I love "Color", textures, and decorating with what I really love.. You don't have
to have a big budget to decorate.. I believe there are No "Rules" in decorating.. Just have fun
and Love what you have in your home.. It is an expression of you..

Right now I am loving:
1. Frames
2. anything French!
3. mirrors
4. Candles
5. Old books
6. Old things
7. Old pictures
8. Teacups/teapots
9. Lace
10. Bird Cages
11.Vintage Wallpaper
Hope you have a Wonderful 4th of July.. "Celebrate America"!!!


♥miss~mattie♥ said...

I love the PARIS picture. Aweosme. Those are some pretty pictures around the house.
tootles ♥

Priscila said...

u did a great job. So creative. love how u put the plain frames in that basket. Ill have to "steal" that idea if u dont mind

Robin said...

I love your home it is so beautiful !! I too like to decorate, I have always said my home is done in "Early American Yard Sale" !!! lol