Monday, April 20, 2009

"I Love Lace"!!!

Some of my "New" stash of lace trim purchase at Yard Sales.. I love Lace trims!!

Love lace Trims.. Yard sale finds

Lace picture.. My Faierie

Lace on Picture... Whispering

Lace on Jars.. My Fairie

Lace on Lampshade... Dorothy Shabby Y.. Lone star Antiques

Lace on Metal heart..

I LOVE Lace.. Trims, Material, etc.. If I spot it.. I have a problem not snatching
it up.. HA!! I have boxes and canisters, suitcases.. full of it.. I have desires to use it.. Not just Hored it all.. I really have plans to create with it.. I just
wanted to show you some beautiful projects that have been used with lace.. It really is a Beautiful Thing.. I have an old lampshade that I am going to use the lace and fix it up.. Have a great week.. Enjoy your Life!!!


Robin said...

Thanks for sharing Caleen, I too love lace!! Those are some awesome pieces !! I pray you enjoy your week also !!! Love Ya R

Kara Ward said...

I had no idea you love for lace. I had a lace dress I wore to a Sweetheart dance when I as 16. Oh, those were the days. Come to Silverbella early and stay with is a cheaper flight to KC then Omaha. I hope some day you make the journey. Kara

Kirstin and Brett's Family said...

Great pics and enjoyed the Fam Easter pics too. I'm starting to think youwree born in the wrong era.. LACE? Come one Caleen.. not LACE!! Anything but LACE! okay so I think I've given you a hard enough time. really LACE?? Hope life is fun and fabulous!

Grandmotherfairy said...

I love all those pieces of hand crochet lace...they are beautiful! Can't wait to see what you create!

Priscila said...

oh i love these....lace is fun to play with. love this eyecandy...

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

GORGEOUS lampshades! I think I have a comment on my blog that was meant for you. It's information on how to paint a cabinet. Great information, I might add! Come on over and read my comments. It is addressed to you!