Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I love Chandeliers.. I don't own any but, love the way they look.. So beautiful.
We have a brass light above our dining room table and I really hate it.. Yet, I can't change it because we are just renting this home.. I can't paint it but, I
can add beads and crystals and ribbons and flowers and whatever else..
I have started
a project.. I have started with beads that I purchased from yard sales.. Also I just
used fish wire and strung old pearl necklaces together.. I have added some crystals and more pearls.. I am not sure what it will look like but, oh, to not see all that
shiny brass will make me Happy :)

I will take a picture (If I am brave enough) when I am done.. Remember.. it is only
a temporary fix.. There are so many beautiful Chandeliers.. My Favorite would
be the at Versailles in Paris, France... Oh.. So Maginifico!!!


♥miss~mattie♥ said...

I just love chandeliers. They are beautiful. I have one in my room. I love all those chandeliers that you posted.

Love the new background. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TTYL.

Scrapally said...

I havne'n found what I want yet, but I want to replace our ugly brass one too! (the same as yours I'm sure). I always tell Dave it looks like it's straight from the haunted mansion! Add some cobwebs (actually there probably are some of those!) and there ya go...UGLY. I can't wait to see what you do with it!!

Robin said...

Caleen you could change out the light while you live there, just save their light and put it back up before you move???

Priscila said...

i want a chandelier too...I dont have one sure urs is going to look so good eventhough u cant do it exactly how u want...the light will look 100 percent better with some Caleen love

Grandmotherfairy said...

I can't wait to see your creation...

Alisa said...

Oh, they're all so pretty! Good luck on your project.

Priscila said...

i have a suprise for u...u will get it by monday or tuesday I hope

Priscila said...

and its besides the box I already have for u

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I love chandeliers. Never out of style. Always in good taste.