Friday, March 6, 2009

"Inspiration Board"/ "Reuseable Cabinet"

Creative Inspiration Board: I have always wanted to make an Inspiration Board. This
one goes above my desk.. Only problem is.. I need one ALOT bigger!! There is so much
Inspiration.. Easy Idea.. 1. Took a frame that I had.. 2. Removed the glass . 3. I used a Canvas like material. 4. Sprayed Adhesive all over the board. Smoothing as I went.. 5. Glued it to the Frame, so it is permanent.
6. Add Inspiration.. Voila!! Cute board for adding INSPIRATION.. I have seen a lot of ideas
to make one out there.. I kind of had to use what I had.. I am looking for a bigger frame so I
can put more on it.. You get the Idea anyway...

This is an Old Medicine Cabinet that I bought for $1.00 at a Yard Sale.
I removed the ugly glass doors (after Parker my Grandson accidently knocked it over and the
glass broke.ha! good boy!) It was the Hideous 70's glass look.. ugh! Then I spray painted the
entire frame a white.. Then I used spray adhesive and covered areas with Old Vintage Wallpaper. Then I glued Lace on the Edges.. I love how it turned out and it hangs in my bedroom. I may just leave it plain and not put anything in it.. Kind of like how it looks.. A fun
piece of art.. And... Cheap at that.. Have a great weekend.. Our two boys, Kenny and Ryan
are participating in Destination Imagination tomorrow.. Good Luck Boys!!


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I love love love these projects. You know I love vintage wallpaper, so the second one is beautiful to me. I've never tried spray adhesive. I think I need to!

Brooke said...

Ohhh I love the shelve/cabinet! Parker is very good at breaking the "right" things! Lol. Good job Mom!

:Jan the crazy lady: said...

You are taking on the craft queen on so many levels. Really cute Caleen. Love the medicine cabinet. I have one of those myself.

EndlessTwilight said...

Love them both! You are so creative and thrifty and upbeat even after not passing your test. I'm so sorry. =( Just means there is another plan for you. Have you thought about opening up an etsy shop like your daughter? Buyers would love your creations!

Also, you can find HUGE bulletin boards at Michaels. I bought one for $10 last year. I got a little deal on it because all the ones they had left were damaged. Then you could make a frame to go around it...just a thought.

Robin said...

I love how creative you are !! We need to have a craft night here again, it's always on the calendar but no one ever comes. But we could just do it any ole time you want !! I need to re-do the pictures i made for the family room, Hill is tired of the flowers and wants to do something else?? Hmm, what should it be?

Priscila said...

this is something Ive been needing to make myself! Just never get the chance! grrr..

Jerusalem said...

love them both! and it is so fun to see my tussie mussie hanging there! what a fun swap that was!!!

Alisa said...

Fantastic ideas! I LOVE the medicine cabinet!!!

Anonymous said...

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