Thursday, February 19, 2009

"We have landed in our "New" Nest"!!

I am finally back after being gone for a few weeks. I have
been so busy moving.. It was a lot of work but, it all went great! We had lots of help moving and I am grateful to the wonderful people who helped us. We have settled in and I am working at
making it feel like "Home". I have missed all my "Blog Friends" and hope to continue to update you.. I have come down with a little Cold and feel a little Punky.. Have a Great Weekend!


Scrapally said...

You live right across the street and I never see you! I have to check your blog to know how you are. :) Glad you are getting settled in...remember, if you need ANYTHING...we are right here! Glad you are back on the blog! If it's not raining we're going to do the yard sale Saturday...I gotta get this stuff out of my garage!!!

Robin said...

I cannot believe you left my house and beat me to the comments on Caleen's blog !! haha I am right here too if you need any help Caleen, how about chicken soup !!! Let me know !! I am working at home tomorrow so I can totally make some !!

::Jan:: said...

I have been wondering. So glad it went okay for you. I am so grateful. You sound really good. I hope that you can settle in and make it that Caleen retreat of a home. I know you will.

Hugs and loves,


Grandmotherfairy said...

Yeah, I have been checking everyday to see if your computer was up and running and all the boxes were unpacked. Glad that you are back.

Alisa said...

Glad your move went well and I hope you get to feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are back on line. Also very happy to hear that you are settling in. We will want to see some pictures soon.

Priscila said...

yeah! So glad ur back! I missed you! It was fun to see ur pretty face at my blog!!! Email me when you get time!