Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More gifts from Priscila.. cont...

I love this beautiful tea cup.. It will look so pretty in my kitchen.
Love the colors and pictures.. Ooh.. French!
Such a pretty plate and it is a paper plate..
Holly Hobbie books.. I have a collection of Holly Hobbie stuff.. I love it.
Sweet Little toppers for cakes, crafts or cupcakes...
I LOVE THIS BLUE!! The Birthday Candles are so perfect!
Lots of Ephemera for Projects!
Love this sweet little face!! Priscila was so sweet and
so generous and we have become good friends.. I love it all!
Thank you Priscila!! Update on our Move.. Moving stuff
alittle everyday.. Lots of work... but, it is going o.k... Have a great


Robin said...

I too have some fun stuff to give you, but I am waiting until you move. A few less things to have to box up !!! LOL

Grandmother Fairy said...

I especially love the is beautiful. Rmember I am here if you need any help!!!

Scrapally said...

I love holly hobbie! the first thing I learned to embroider were holly hobbie mom taught me when I was 12. They are still hanging in my laundry room! (you can tell I was 12!) When my girls were little they had holly hobbie wall paper. thanks for bringing back fun memories!!

Alisa said...

Great goodies! Those plates are paper?!