Friday, November 28, 2008

"KENNY" .... in..... "OLIVER TWIST"

                                             Kenny and his big sister, Stacey...
                                                       Kenny 2nd on left as 'Oliver' in his Elementary Play.

                                          Kenny as Oliver... saying"More Food, Sir?"
                                                        Kenny as'Oliver' saying "Grace" with Orphaned
                               Kenny's Elementary Play 'Oliver Twist' was a really cute
production.  Kenny did a great job playing the role as 'Oliver'.. He has been practicing
in the early morning everyday before school. It was a great time for him to 'Shine'...
He is in 5th grade and is 10 years old.. He loves to perform but, doesn't make a big
deal about it.. Kind of funny how he just learns his part and does what he is told but, doesn't
make it dramatic... We were really proud of him.. He is a good boy and is growing up so fast.
We had a decent Thanksgiving.. just mainly relaxing and taking it easy... I have enjoyed having
my Grandson, Parker here.. He is so sweet and so fun... I really Love my Family!!!!


Jan said...

That was really beyond cute. It is fab. It looked professional for an Elementary production. Impressive Caleen.

Kara Ward said...

He is darling...looks like a born actor. I am sure you are beaming with pride. I am always amazed at what our children do that I would be too scared to even try. hugs-kara