Sunday, November 2, 2008

"HALLOWEEN IS.... for .... KIDS !!!!!!!!!

Halloween 2008' until next year....
Grandson, Parker and our Daughter, Brooke.. Isn't he a cute ELMO!!!
RYAN... A wannabe.. gangster? Lookin a little scary..
Kenny a ZOMBIE... Sister Brooke.. She did his makeup, hair and costume... Thanks Brooke!!!
Kenny really looks the Scary part!! Halloween is over and can't say I am not relieved.. We had a nice night.. Not very many Trick or Treaters.. We went to our Church
Trunk or Treat and we had a nice time.. Kenny won some Yummy Cupcakes at the famous
cake walk.. It was fun to have Grandson Parker here with us and Brooke.. They made our night
even more fun... We watched some Halloween shows and pretty much ended the Halloween of 2008.... Now... onto the The HAPPIEST SEASON OF ALL.... oh, first things first... Don't forget..
Thanksgiving... It is a great season also.. Need to celebrate it first... I don't like how all the shops, stores have pretty much skipped over this time of year.. and onto the Christmas... I LOVE it TOO..
but, RIDICULOUS... I refuse to give into commercialism and I will celebrate THANKSGIVING


Kirstin and Brett's Family said...

I wouldn't want to meet up with Kenny in a back alley all alone... so scary looking! WAY TO GO BROOKE with the make-up! Looks like a great Halloween.. I need to post ours today... Maybe right now .. Love you guys. We will be there over Thanksgiving - probably Wed - Monday... Hope to see you then because we will not be there again until April or so.. Have a great week!! I am so glad Halloween is over - I am room mom for Colten's class and that is hard work. You have to be so creative with ideas.. He had a great party but it was also a great expense! oh well... the kids are only young for a little while!

kelly said...

Amen to that!