Saturday, September 20, 2008

We had a big Yard Sale today!!!

I am usually going to yard sales on Saturday around my neighborhood. Today was a little
different we were doing our own yard sale.. I forgot to take a picture of it.. (Stupid)
There was so much stuff it was overwhelming. It also was hard because I was feeling
really sick. My Brooke and Hubby Bobby helped me out a lot.. We started setting up at
5:00 am it was cold and dark but, we had so much to take out of the garage I knew it would take a while to set up. We had every kind of variety of things.. Housewares, tables, treadmill, books, lamps, childrens toys, stuffed animals, bike,
sleeping bags, clothes, shoes, christmas, halloween, easter, fourth of July holiday stuff, lots of pictures of all kinds, kitchen stuff, christmas trees, Tv, etc.. My driveway was full. We live in a good location so there were a lot of people... We were practically giving stuff away.. I don't want to house all this stuff anymore.
It felt good to get rid of it... We started at 7:00 am and ended about 12:00 pm.. I was so glad
when it was over because I was so sick and felt awful. The stuff we didn't sell I put all of it in my car and Bobby drove it to the Good Will to donate.
I finally have a cleaned out garage.. I can't fit my car in their but at least you
can walk around... I just rested the rest of the day and relaxed.. I still feel sick but I know I will get better... just one of those colds... Have a nice Sunday!!


kelly said...

Ugh! thanks for telling me!!! I want to see Brooke soon too, next time she's visiting lets go out for lunch or ice cream or something.

Jan said...

I hope you feel better today Caleen. Yard Sales are alot of work for sure. I am glad that you had some help too. Hope you made a ton of money too.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

So sorry you are feeling sick, but what a relief to get rid of so much stuff! 5AM is pretty early. Hope you can get some r&r now!

Anonymous said...

Yea it's bummer to feel bad and have to put on a yard sale. Next time try a free online garage sale. Take your time and sell your stuff when it's convenient for you. Since it's free you can leave the items in the online virtual yard sale for as long as it takes for a buyer to find you.

Good Luck and hope your feeling better.