Saturday, September 27, 2008


"If you call your troubles experiences and remember that every experience
develops some latent force within you, you will grow vigorous and happy, however
adverse your circumstances may seem to be". -- John Heywood



1. Life is what you make it... Attitude is important.. I have learned that whatever comes my way I have the choice to choose how I will deal with it..
2. Live your Life fully... Everyday make it count.. Enjoy the little things and don't take anything for granted..
3. Love your Spouse Fully.. Cleave unto him or her.. and No one else.. Be everything to each other.. Safe-guard your commitment to each other.
4. Kindness begets Kindness.. The Golden Rule: "Do unto others, as you would have
others do unto you."..
5. Count Your Blessings.. Everyday.. Rejoice in your Blessings.
6. Serve One another.. We need each other.. Spiritually, mentally, Physically, emotionally.. We all need to be loved!
7. Be Happy.. A smile is contagious.. It can really lift another person's spirits!
8. Open up your Circle to others.. Don't have clicks.. Be open to receive others into your Circle of friends.
9. Don't Judge. That one scares me too... Remember the saying... "When we judge others, that same judgement will be upon us too"...
10. Love your Kids.. Deeply.. They are their own person.. they are not copy-cats of what we are.. They need to be individual and they need to know we accept them no matter where they are in life or what they are doing at the time.. Unconditional
love... I think a great Man named "Jesus" taught us about that!!
11. Pray daily, hourly... whatever it takes to have a personal relationship with God.
I could not make it through this life without him.. He keeps me on the right path and gives me hope, peace, love and strength. I believe in him.
12.Love yourself.. Look at the good, acknowledge your talents..Use your talents.. They are Gifts from God, personally given to you!! Don't ever allow anyone to demean you.. You are precious and Beautiful.. There is a precise reason you came to this Earth..
13. Don't Ever, Ever, Ever... Give up... You have a purpose and a calling in this
Life.. Hold up your Head and Rejoice and Be Glad.. Life is worth Living....

These are just some of the things I feel and believe in... and, I am not done
learning.... Have a Great Sunday!!!

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Kim said...

I love all that you posted! These are words of truth! Thanks for sharing those thoughts. I needed them!