Monday, September 1, 2008

"Precious Little Parts"!!!!! "PARKER"

"These Little hands will grow to be big and strong and helpful you see.
These tiny toes, will carry this body that grows and grows.
This precious sweet and radiant smile, will help me go the extra mile,
...and seep inside, a soul and heart, destined to be special from the start".

"These are my hands small as they may be to touch you and to hold you.
My hands God has given me.
When I am grown, look to these
Remember how they touched you
Remember how they held you
Remember how tiny they were indeed."

As my Grandson, Parker has been staying at our house, I have noticed every little
move he makes. You see, because he is Deaf, all of his senses are so apparent.. He sees and notices everything. They way he holds things with his tiny hands is so amazing. He can open anything and is very coordinated with his hands. He is a blessing to all of us and a joy too. We continue to learn from him and marvel that God sent him to teach all of us. He makes me appreciate more the things I usually take for granted. It is hard not to become emotional when I hold him. His hands and feet are sweet and chubby and beautiful... He is a gift from God to all of us...


Jan said...

What a special little boy. I can only imagine the sweet spirit he is. I often think that the good that comes out of those that can not hear or see, is the fact that he will never hear anger or filth. I can see how that helps them to stay so close to the spirit. My friends child was born without eyes. He progresses slowly, but you see the goodness in him.

I am so glad that you cherish everything he has to teach you. Thanks so much for this truly heart felt post Caleen. You are such a dear and sweet kindred spirit. ♥

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

What a sweatheart. Your pictures of Parker are precious.

Marja Kristiina said...

Thanks so much, Caleen Rae, for visiting and for leaving such sweet comments. It always makes my day to hear from you!

And THANK YOU for this post, I felt so delighted after reading it! I was never supposed to be a mother, the doctors gave us practically no hope. And here she is, a happy 5-year-old! I can never take it for granted that you get to have or keep the child you want, or that everything goes as planned. And it makes me feel like smiling every time I hear or read about children whose stories are not the ordinary ones but who nevertheless are happily here, living their own lives, growing up to be healthy adults, fulfilling their own destinies. It makes me feel good to hear or read about diversity, about how growth is needed on everyone's part, constantly, about how life is always unpredictable and how it makes (or at least SHOULD make) you humble. I for one could not live without striving towards personal growth and deeper understanding of the many forms, the many shapes and sizes life takes.

Yay, Parker!!! You are not here to educate us but to be a blessing and to bring us joy.