Thursday, September 4, 2008

"It's Always fun at Grandma's House!"

Parker, my Grandson, has been staying with me all week. I take him home to his Mommy and Daddy tomorrow in Rocklin, Ca.. We have had a fun week.
Parker is a busy, active, playful 15 month old. He has a certain schedule everyday that he goes by. He has been trained well by his Mommy and Daddy.. He wakes up every am. at 7:00 am or so, eats breakfast then plays till 10:00 am.. Then he takes about a one hour nap or longer depending. Then he eats Lunch and watches a little fun Tv..
(Oh, at Grandma's house he does!) He then plays until 3:00 pm then he goes for a nother nap till 5:30 or so.. Then he eats dinner at 6:30 and plays for a while (I took him on walks after he ate dinner) then he has a bathe, reads books, says prayers and then off to bed by 8:30... Now, let me tell you.. in the time he is awake he
is a mover and shaker.. He loves Hats... He loves books, He loves the computer (especially watching Elmo or Mickey Mouse or his Family on it.) He loves to explore, look at and he loves to hide in cubby areas of the house.. He is fascinated by everything and is happy and joyful.. We had so much fun chasing him around, playing with him, loving him, rocking him, laughing with him... HE'S COMING HOME, MOMMY AND DADDY!!! We are really going to miss him..:( "Grandma is always here, Parker"!!!!


kelly said...

Good to know I'm not the only one up late! He is so cute, I love reading all the posts about him on yours and Brook's blogs. A baby with a schedule with plenty of sleep is a good, happy, healthy baby!

Alisa said...

what a cutie!

Jan said...

Who wouldn't want to go and spend time at your house. You are the sweetest, and he knows that too. :)

Kirstin and Brett's Family said...

Cute pics of Parker. He sure is growing up fast! Glad to see all is well in your house and I'm sure you had a busy week! I want to send all my kids to Grandma's for a week!! I know she'd do it, but they do get busier and busier! Good thing they are all in school right now so I have to go fast! Only 1hr. 50min. of MY TIME left on the clock. Okay, so I'm back to painting my scrapbook room. Got to get it done next - I'm crusin!! (Not to make you jealous or anything) Well, have a great week and tell all the kids hi!