Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"Yard Sale----Estate Sale finds"!!!

This is the Compilation of stuff that I purchased at the Yard Sales and Estate Sales.

The Big Patchwork blanket is a fun find because we always need extra blankets around here. For $5.00 it was a steal. I love the 60-70's Jersey fabric that was used. I appreciate the work that went into this blanket. I purchased it at an Estate Sale. All the Old Antique books were a little worn but, they are just what I love. I love old Books.

Just some great old books. Some dated from the 1800's... There is an Old Mary Poppins book, Oliver Twist, Aseops Fables, Old Song book,

This Owl Illustration is inside a great book full of different bird illustrations.
I Love Birds so, I was especially happy. This book is dated 1959.. There is also an Old Song Book..

This is the Great Blanket, Some Vintage "Bling" jewelry, books..

I purchased the Big Old Vanity with the Mirrors last week at a Yard Sale.. $2.00..
I am going to paint it, take off the mirrors and paint the inside and use it in
my Bedroom for a place to put knick knacks etc.. The Frame is really cool and I have seen these fixed up before and they really look great. You may not see what I see,
but when it is finished I will show you what I mean... (The picture is lousy but, the Vanity is quite Large.)

I love finding Fun Treasures and I really believe in "What another Man's Junk is another Man's Treasure"!! I also believe in reuse, recycle.. I also found about 12 items for my Grandson, Parker.. Clothes he can wear for the Winter.. I know he is growing and it is nice to have a variety of Play clothes, Church Clothes etc..
I get up on Saturday Am at 6:30 am and leave and scout out all the Yard Sales.
I am usually home by 9:00 am.. Everyone at home is barely awake by then anyway..
Hope you enjoy looking... Have a great week!!!


Jan said...

It is so funny that I would pick out the same exact things as you. I can't believe it. Seriously would.

I love them all. I wish I could go with you. It looks like so much fun Caleen. I need to do this more.

Thanks for all your support and wonderful thoughts. You are so awesome.

Jerusalem said...

Great finds friend! Especially love the Mary Poppins book!

Danielle said...

Wow, such great finds!
I wanted to stop by and say thank you for the wonderful comment you left on my blog. Thank you so much!