Monday, August 11, 2008

"Dove-Love", in our Backyard"!!

For a few weeks this Mama Dove has been gathering twigs from all over and preparing her nest.. It has been fun to watch her. She is so quiet and so peaceful. She sometimes makes noise when she takes off and she coos about 5 times.. but, all in all, she is peaceful.. I laughed when I thought of our household.. It is not a quiet place.. There is always someone singing, laughing, yelling, talking, talking, running, banging, clapping, etc... We also have 2 medium size dogs in our backyard,
leftover dogs from our daughter brooke (right, brooke!) I don't think the dogs have even noticed this sweet Dove.. She has made her nest on top of our outdoor Spot lights outside by the pool. Not a great place to make a nest..The pool filter comes on, the kids outside playing in the pool, dogs barking all day.. She has not left
though, somehow she has put-up with all the Noise we make and has decided to stay a spell and rest and have her babies.

Today, I went outside to wash the outside windows and I looked up and saw her Baby Dove had been born.. I quietly said a few words to her (you know, bird talk) and she watches me, yet I think she knows that I would never harm her... It is always a miracle to see any kind of birth.

The Dove is a universal symbol of peace, love and tranquility.. I too, want those same "Symbols' in my life. I hope and pray for a better World, for love of all man-kind, and a place where all can feel unified and equal..

This DOVE was a gentle reminder to me, that WE can all exist in the same WORLD....


Brooke said...

HaHa...Taisy + Luca= Leftovers! That is too funny! That poor Dove chose your house?? HaHa! She obviously didn't know what she was getting in to! LoL!

Jan said...

Precious little dove. It almost looked fake. So peaceful. I think that is really cute that you have had a chance to get to see the miracle of peace right in your backyard. Thanks for the share and the sweet message.

Take Care.

Kim said...

that is beautiful!!!!!
we had a dove nest and then i think my mean cat chased them away - or worse. so...sadly, all is not PEACEFUL even though i wish it could be. i love Doves so much.
Very cute pictures.

Bejeweled said...

What a beautiful momma dove and her baby. So precious! We have quite a few birds around here, but my boys are too loud for their nesting tastes :) They don't mind coming to eat from our bird feeders though, so we do get to see them up close :)

Alisa said...

Oh how lovely! I have a dove couple at my house too. They have had babies twice now since Spring. It's such an amazing thing to witness.
Thanks for stopping by again!

Jenn said...

Ahhhhh, how sweet is that?? Your comment on my blog made me laugh! I am with you 100%! Your post is much nicer to look at!!