Thursday, July 24, 2008

THIS IS A MYSTERY??? / Or a "THIEF?!! (we may never know!)

This maybe the "doings" of a "THIEF"!!





Do you ever wonder about the "things" that go on in your neighborhood?
Well, I think we need to "SOLVE" a mystery that has been happening at our
home!! We live in a nice neighborhood. Pretty much every one minds their own
business. Sometimes "crazy" things happen with no explanation. Not really, the
kinds of things that would cause some "police" investigations but, you know
just the kinds of things that you can't explain.

Let me give you an example.. My son, Kenny has been saving plastic bottles either
from his Grandma's stash she has saved for him or the Million water bottles we
drink around here. As a job, he and his Brother, Ryan took all the caps off the bottles and put them into a huge garbage can so that Kenny could
take it to the Recycling Center to get Money. It was a Job.. Especially to a 10
year old.. In the scorching hot sun ! He was excited to turn the bottles in to
see how much $$$$ he would receive..

We had left the Garbage Can outside waiting for a time we could load them into
my Honda Pilot, since it was the only car big enough to put the Big Can of bottles.
I had to take Kenny to play Practice and we had left early so we could buy the jazz
shoes he needed before his practice. When I left I noticed 2 of the bags of bottles
he had not taken the caps off of were missing.. :( to say the least I had a feeling
that I should put the Big Can in the Garage.. But, I didn't!!

When I got home and drove into the driveway.. I saw that the "BIG GARBAGE CAN" was
missing!!! I was to say the least VERY UPSET!!! :( All I could think about was
how "POOR KENNY" would feel when he found out.. All that work and no PAY ?!!

We have a neighbor (RIGHT CLOSE TO US) that is a trouble maker.. He has been the neighborhood "Bottle collector".. He goes into everyone's recycle bin and takes them so, he can get the $$$$... of course, he doesn't ask.. he just takes..

Well, I saw him outside and I yelled over to him "-----, did you take my bottles?"
of course he became defensive and said "NO" I would NEVER do that to you guys!!!
I don't know if it was my "HORMONES OR MOTHERING INSTINCTS" but, I was ready to duke
it out with him.. You kind of have to know the situation to understand that we have put up with a lot in regards to him.. Cops, suspicious stuff, yelling, swearing, etc..
We have tried to be as understanding as possible.. Tried to treat him with respect.

I guess I was so sick of unexplained situations that I just lost it.. I started to cry and I told him "We have been nothing but, good to you.." "I would have given you the bottles if you needed them more than my Kenny, if you would have asked"

This is a hard situation, to accuse someone when there is no way to prove it!!
He said, "No, he did not do it".. and I mumble something to him and I walked in the house.. I think he was mumbling something about me too!! (just glad I didn't hear it)

A few weeks ago we had some firecrackers in our mailbox and our neighbor next door
did also . The same "PERSON" had been doing fireworks and illegal ones even before the 4th of July and even after.. He of course DENIES everything!!

We've had bikes taken right out of our yard, some yard tools missing, things left in the yard????""
I don't know if this is a case of a "THIEF" or just a "Neighborhood MYSTERY"!!


Have you had any "MYSTERIES" in your neighborhood?????

(by the way, Kenny was o.k. but he said he wants to solve the mystery.. he has a bunch of "spy gear" stuff.. He wants to put out a "TRIP WIRE" so, we can solve it once and for all. Kids are so resilient they bounce back and are so forgiving.. I think he thinks that "I" will just give him the $$ he would have gotten from the bottles..ha!)


Jan said...

Man Caleen, that is horrible. How could someone be so bold and so uncaring to just pick over your stuff. I am so sorry about your neighbor and how he treats you. I would have cried too.

I really hope you solve the mystery. Your poor son who worked so hard to gather the bottles. No fair.

Hopefully nothing else comes up missing.

Brooke said...

I had to laugh when I read knew right away! Poor Kenny! I wish I was there to chew him out! Gosh... I have a few choice words for him. I could just see Kenny now with all of his "spy gear" on! HaHa! I love that kid!

Lo said...

at least he didnt steal kenny's coin. lol remember that? our neighbor doesn't like antique crap! hahahaha miss you mama!