Friday, July 18, 2008

"Thank Goodness, It's FRIDAY"!!!!

How COOL this is... BLURB.COM is a Book Publishing Co. You can make a book out of a "BLOG".. Hardcover and Softcover books.. prices range from $12.95-24.95.. You can put it together yourself and they will publish for you.. I think that is pretty cool..
Since my blog is a online journal of my life what a better way to record it and keep it.. GO TO: BLURB.COM...

"SWEET AND SINISTER" This is a fun SWAP put on by KARI RAMSTROM.. www. Artsy Mama.Blogspot. com... For $10.00 the next 3 months there will be tutitorials, projects,
giveaways, inspiration and a swap with a partner.. go to her site and sign up...

Our 10 year son, Kenny is in "MULAN JR" Musical play with the Company CMT.. The play is at the Veterans Memorial bldg. Downtown.. Dates are July 25, 26, Aug 1, 2, 7:30 pm show time. Also July 26, 27 at 2 pm.. The part he is playing is "SHANG LEE" and "FAZHOU".. Check it out... WWW. CMTWORKS.COM...

I also wanted anyone to know that is concerned.. My Mammogram test came back Normal!!
Just those Fibradonomas.. I am grateful :) Thank You!!


Anonymous said...

So glad you stopped by for my give away!! I LOVE Auburn. We go to Tahoe a lot and always eat at Awful Annies.My Best friend lives in Nevada City! We are going to relocate when my youngest graduates high school. I've often thought of Grass valley.

So nice to meet you,

Jan said...

Congrats on your mammogram. How fun with the goods.

Have fun Caleen.