Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Yard Sale Treasures !!

I got up early this AM to go to Yard Sales in our area.. I haven't done it in
awhile and I love to find fun deals and special treasures.. I guess I got my love
of Yard Sales, Thrift stores and Antique shopping from my Mother.. She use to take
us as kids and give us a dollar or so and I loved buying my own stuff at such a good
deal.. You know, "Another Man's Junk is another Man's treasure !! I am all for that!
I also believe in Reuse, Recycle...
I found some cute children's books for Parker, Elmo DVD, Old Playskool ABC blocks,
linens, 2 Pyrex bowls, and some clothes for Parker and a few shirts , skirt and dress for ME!! I know my Husband is happy, when I get good deals that make me happy..

Our Anniversary was nice !! We went out to "TAHOE JOES".. I love that place !! They
were so good to us the Manager (which we don't even know) seated us and my husband
told him it was our 27th wedding Anniversary.. He was so nice to us and gave us
free appetizers (shrimp) Yum!! and he even brought us over Champagne (but, we declined nicely, because we do not drink ALCOHOL!!) The thought was nice though!!
Then after our meal to top it off, he brought us the famous cheesecake with a candle on the house.. Then he gave us 3 pie shaped boxes with more cheesecake to take home
to share or have.. Hee.. Hee.. later.. All I have to say is he really made our night even more special!! So, if you have a "Tahoe Joes" in your area.. GO!!!
I was so stuffed afterward (in a good way) that we decided to go home and relax
and watch a movie.. All of our kids were at our friend's home.. Which was very nice!!
So, the night was special.. just Me and my Honey... :)

Have a good weekend to all!!!


Brooke said...

Now YOU have to come get Stacey so you can give Parker his dad i said so! Lucky...I love Tahoe Joes...mostly for the cheesecake!! Now i have no one to go to yard sales with!!! :(

Jan said...

Love all your finds this weekend. Yard Sale finds and your honey anniversary finds. Glad you had a wonderful time. We do not have one of those eating places. It sounds really good though.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend together.