Friday, March 14, 2008



This is the nest that I made for my partner, Barbara check out her blog. She is wonderful! I enjoyed altering this.. It was a plain bird nest that I bought then added vintage
millinery flowers and leaves. I also added ribbons.. The bird is hand-sewn.. I used blue wool and added feathers to it and feathers to the tail.. I put a QUEENLY crown on Mother bird and added flowers and ribbons.. I also made a pillow for her to sit upon.. She is a lovely "QUEEN"
bird. I also covered the nest and made a skirt around it with fabric... I hope Barbara likes it..
HAPPY SPRING TO ALL... I will be back tomorrow.... :)


Tiffany said...

Beautiful, as're the best swap partner ever!

I've just tagged you over at my blog with an ABC thingy...check out the details and then post away missy!


barbara burkard said...

i sooooo love my nest!!!! it has an esteem place of honor!!!

thank you and big birdie hugz!!!