Saturday, October 13, 2007

Update on the weeks activities!!

I don't have a picture to go with this post... I just wanted to write an update on my
happenings of the week. Since I know that a few people read my blog which I am grateful ,it is
mostly a journal record of my life and all the things that matter to me... I have loved this Fall
time.. I have noticed everything changing because I walk in the morning everyday.. I love the
cooler weather and it gives me energy to do things I have put off doing during the very hot
summer months... Usually we slow down in the fall but, I haven't stopped yet... I feel like I am
finally coming alive... My two high school daughters have been busy working on their SCHOOL
FLOATS for HOMECOMING this week... I remember being involved with that.. (and believe me,
that was a long.... time ago!!) I bought our dining room table and chairs a year or so ago and it
came with 8 chairs and they had upholstered seats that were very light... I knew that wouldn't be
good for our family!! Well, I just got around getting the upholstery material for the seats and it
is darker and will look nice with the rest of the colors and decor in our kitchen/family room.. I did
not think it would be sooo much work!!! I must have taken out 50 or so staples out of the seats..... (I know what a cry-baby!!) I hope they stay nice now for a few years... or I will definitely be getting a new dining room table... Speaking of tables.... I took my time in finding this table and I searched everywhere... I found it in a small shop that sells stuff on consignment
and new stuff also... It is also a decorator shop... My daughter kept telling me that I needed to
buy a heavy table that is suppose to look worn and used... like those cool medieval tables with
no cloth on the chairs... SUFFICED IT TO SAY... SHE WAS RIGHT!!! NEXT TABLE WILL
I also worked on some halloween crafts and I am really loving Halloween!!! I see it in a whole
different light now.... I still haven't decorated my house yet.. oh well!!
We are also landscaping the front of our house right now and it is a big job... My husband finished making a slate patio/slab in the front and planting trees, plants, etc.. BIG JOB!! next
we will plant our sod... We haven't had grass for 4-5 months... It will be nice to have grass
again... Today we had a good rain pour come down on us... kinda unexpected... yet, we need
rain in our valley... Sadly, it was HOMECOMING at the high school and the kids were able to
go out on the floats they worked on but, it was cold and wet... Oh well, chalk it up for good
memories..... Well, all in all it has been a very good week...

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Tiffany said...

You sure have been busy! I remember making homecoming floats when I was in high school too - some very fun, and fond memories!

I would love to see your dining room chairs. We had our set for two years before I had to recover the ivory colored seats! YIKES what where they thinking... and what was I thinking with four kids??

Happy fall!