Saturday, October 6, 2007


I was sick yesterday and all night with a 24 hour flu/like bug.. I felt miserable.
My husband had bought tickets for my kids to go to see the "JONAS BROTHERS" at our
local FAIR.. You know, one of those favorite DISNEY boy bands.... It actually was one of my
son, RYAN'S, birthday gifts.. He took along a friend and son Kenny and daughters, Stacey and
Jenni went... I dropped them off at the fair... What a crazy place... It was a miracle I got out of
their safely!! I picked them up when the concert was over.. (They were ready to go, they said
that it was a zoo in there!) We made it home safely.... At 6:30 pm I chauferred my boys and
their friend to COBB'S RANCH for the CORN MAZE.... I sat in the car and waited for them for
2 hours while they had a fun/scary time... I read the sept/oct "SOMERSET STUDIO" magazine
and the "FRENCH INSPIRED JEWELRY" I still didn't feel good enough to be involved in
the kids fun so, I was their "TAXI" driver for the day/night.... I am glad my kids had a super
fun day and that I was able to assist them in their fun!!!

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