Wednesday, October 24, 2007



10 YEARS AGO: I WAS 36 YEARS OLD.. I HAD 5 CHILDREN, AGES., 10, 8, 7, 5, 2 and I was
pregnant with my 6th child.. We lived in a rented home in a different area that we live in now
and we loved our yard.. It was very big with 10 different fruit trees and a big inground pool,
lots of grass and it was a great place for the kids to run and play and be creative... It was a lot
of work and upkeep.. We were not sure if we wanted to buy the house or move.. We had just
bought a used big blue chevy van... It could seat 12 people... We had a lot of funs in that van and
we have some funny memories related to that van.. We called it "THE BIG BLUE"... My husband
had started a new job and things were looking better financially for us... We were considering moving and buying a home.. It was time to own a home...

20 YEARS AGO: I was 26 year years old and we lived in Riverton, Utah... We had moved their
a few years before coming from California.. My husband had a opportunity of a great job and we
thought the move would be good for us.. We did love Utah and loved our home and church and
friends there.. We had bought a home and I was pregnant with my first child... We were having
a hard time getting pregnant... It was our 6th wedding anniversary.. I was finally having a baby!! I was working full time at a Opthalmologist office as a Secretary/back office assistant..
I loved my Job, boss and office Manager.. It was a wonderful place for me.. We loved our little
home, life and the anticipation and excitement of having our first baby!!! Brooke was born that
year and she has been a treasure to us everyday!!! (She is a Mommy now to Parker and is a
wonderful person and Mother..) The Circle of life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30 YEARS AGO: I was 16 years old and went to a great High School where I was active in
Tennis, Drama, clubs etc.. I loved to sing and dance and took dance lessons, piano lessons...
I was in a lot of plays and really enjoyed that time in my life.. I was very active in my church
and learn a lot of leadership skills, homemaking skills... It was very helpful as a teenager and
I loved the people and I felt very cared for and loved by many... I played lots of sports and it
really helped me work together and get along with the girls...
It also was the year I first met my Husband... He was 19 years old and I fell hard for him at
the first meeting... We dated for about 8 months but, we decided to end it because I was not
ready for a serious relationship and he was getting ready to serve a mission for our church..
You know the story,,, 4 years later we were married..... SO, CRAZY!!! WHO'D A THOUGHT?!
This was also when my Mother found out she had breast cancer !! I don't think I really understood what that would do to our family. It was difficult.. but, we had our faith and beliefs
and it helped us cope and work together.... I don't like to look back with regret... but, if I would
have known I only had 14 more years with my Mother... I would have done a few more things
differently... We did have a wonderful relationship and spent a lot of time together... She was
a fun person and liked to be with my Sister and I... I know I would have hugged her more and
not have been as selfish as I was.. She was everything a Girl needs in a Mother!!! I am grateful
I was able to have her through my Teen years and as a young women and Mother... The breast
Cancer eventually took her life...Yet she remains with us even today in our HEARTS and our
Memories... I believe she looks out for us always... I know I will see her again someday!!!!!!!

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Tiffany said...

How fun to read about you some more Calleen!

Great post!

Do you have a link for the garland swap? Is it still taking names?

I love the fun!

Michelle said...

I just stumbled into your blog and I wanted to let you know that you are such an amazing talent. I was touched by your Tagged blog. My mother is a breast cancer survivor.
Oh by the way I am Michelle, Nice to meet you