Wednesday, October 17, 2007


COLLECTIONS: col.lec.tion --noun
1. The art of collecting
2. Something that is collected, a group of objects or an amount of material accumulated in one

YES, I HAVE MANY COLLECTIONS. I want to share one of my collections.... I have been
collecting "HOLLY HOBBIE" stuff for a long time.. I don't know what made me start collecting...
Maybe it was that I never had the cute holly hobbie stuff... Somehow when you have a desire to collect something all of a sudden you notice it everywhere... I knew I could find HOLLY HOBBIE stuff at
antique stores but, I couldn't afford that at the time so, I scoured yard sales, flea markets, thrift stores..
I had about 3 friends who also were weekly thrift shoppers to look for me also... I started doing this
about 18 years ago.. of course there was no ebay or internet yet.... I would take my kids every SAT. and sometimes I got lucky... sometimes I came home with nothing.. It was always so much
fun.. You know,, it is the pursuit and anticipation that is the fun part... Over the years I was lucky
and found many treasures... DOLLS, BOOKS, PLAQUES, WALL ART, PLATES, ETC...
I decorated my oldest daughter's room when they were 8 &10... The soft colors, beautiful drawings,
sweet simple life of HOLLY HOBBIE... of course, the room no longer has the stuff in it... My girls
are 18 1/2 and married 21 year old... The HOLLY HOBBIE stuff has retired to a plastic bin where
it remains until I can find a place to show it off.... (maybe my scrap/craft room)... It is fun that a
collection like this brings back so many fond and special memories.... I hope you enjoy looking....

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Jerusalem said...

I love it! I had the small blue doll for sure (I think I even still do at my Mom's...) And maybe the other small one and one of the books. I sure did love Miss HH!