Monday, October 1, 2007


We decided at the last minute this morning to go to YOSEMITE VALLEY.
We only live about 2 hours away so, it isn't too far of a drive and we didn't have to prepare
much to get ready... My daughter Stacey, son, Kenny, son, Ryan and daughter, Brooke and her
baby (and my Grandson) Parker, and husband, Kevin, went to explore and see the beautiful
YOSEMITE!! It was a perfect day, not too cold and not hot... The sun was shining and it was
really perfect... We saw sooo many wildlife animals, just walking around like nothing... We saw
a Mother Bear and her cub. We couldn't get a picture fast enough... We saw about 15 or so
deers at different times... Does, and Bucks... We saw all the wonderful birds, a fox.... It just was
so nice to be in such a beautiful place at such a special season of the year... We are really lucky
we live quite close that we can enjoy this beautiful wilderness that God has provided for our
enjoyment... We never tire of this place and enjoy coming to visit when we can... I can understand why it is such a famous place in California and why people travel from everywhere
to behold it's majesty and glory.... Sometimes it is just nice to be reminded how blessed and loved- we truly are!!!


Anonymous said...

blah blah blah. it ain't no partayyy without me! :) haha and maybe i'll start doing scrapbooking while i'm here. would you help me? call me.


Kim said...

BEAUTIFUL photos. I love every picture. You made me want to risk feeling carsick and make the drive up to Yosemite. (I always get sick on that drive). Beautiful Caleen. You sure don't look like a Grandma to me!

beans said...

You have some hot kids, Caleen! And oh, how I miss Yosemite! Love ya, Breena :)