Friday, September 14, 2007


I made a recipe from Sherelle Christensen's blog, my crazy life. She has a great blog and
is so talented.. Her stories of her family are so funny and she has the cutest kids and she is
a great photographer as well as scrapbooker... I tried the Cheesburger buns on her post of
September 4th... My son, Ryan helped me. He is helpful in the kitchen and loves to cook... He
must get that from his Dad since his Dad is a great cook ! Ryan is a good helper and I can
always depend on him to help me.. He is an active boy and is probably one of the best POGO
STICK champions around.. HA! He is 12 in a few weeks and is growing up to be a wonderful
young man.. I don't take any credit for that... He also has a great singing voice and I love to
hear him sing... We made the Cheesburger buns, Corn on the Cob, fruit, and Ice Cold Lemonade.
We live in the Central Valley and we are blessed with so much fresh produce... Grapes grow
very well in this valley because of the heat.. We are still enjoying the grapes.. The Lemonade
is one of our family favorites because it has no sugar... ENJOY!!!

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Kim said...

yum...they look delish.
how has your day been?
mine is okay. i bought fairy wings at the halloween store for the halloween party at church. i MIGHT be a fairy if I can figure out what else to wear with the wings. See you tomorrow at church!