Monday, September 3, 2007

I have a Partner for the Black cat & Pumpkin Swap!!

I have a partner for the (Black cat & Pumpkin Swap) hosted by: Hophopjingleboo.I am excited to be in this fun halloween swap.My partner is Tiffany from scrapsadaisy,It is a pleasure...
It is so fun to meet new people and share creative and fun things . It has also made me excited
for Halloween. I took my son Kenny to a bunch of fun places to see Halloween... We ended up
at his favorite Halloween store and he tried on masks etc. I think he wants to be scary this year.
YIKES!! We had fun talking and I love listening to him. He can carry on a conversation forever..
We had a good ole' ROOTBEER FLOAT at my favorite: A & W fast food place. I told Kenny
my Mother use to take my sister and I when we were little to the nearby drive-In,A & W and they
would rollerskate to our window too.. He can't believe it has been around soooo long... I guess
once a classic always a classic... It brings back some very happy memories...

2 comments: said...

It s fun when boys get to the "scary" age!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiffany,
I am also in the "Black Cat and Pumpkin Swap", I just got my package wrapped and it's ready to go to the Post Office.
This was fun, it was my first swap and I am a little nervous that my partner might not like what I made and bought but I hope she does.
I am looking forward to see what I get, I am hoping for Halloween decorations because this year I am going all out on decorating and I gave all my Halloween decorations away, I know not smart lol
My daughter's name is Tiffany, she will be 28 next month, a Halloween baby.
Take care and I hope you come visit my blog. :) Bren