Tuesday, July 17, 2007


It isn't really good picture taking but, I am still learning about PHOTOGRAPHY. There is
really more to picture taking than I thought. I received my "SNIPPET SWAP" I was really
excited because the sweet surprises that were in the cute decorated chinese food container
were very special. There were fun paper ephemera rolled up and decorated cute. Everything
is usuable for crafts or scrapbooking. I am so excited to use the stuff sent to me by Sheri from
Washington. There was a Chamomile tea with cute little stuff inside it. Very clever!!
Ribbons, labels, flowers, sequins, old pictures, beads, papers etc... It was very fun getting something from someone that I do not know and all the time and effort she put in making
the "SWAP" special for me.....


RachelDenbow said...

This looks so fun! How did you hear about the swap? Thanks for the comments on my blog! Things are looking great here! How's that grandbaby?

Die Hohe Dame said...

hey! you got it! i hope you really liked it! i saw what you sent out, wow! mine didnt compare! i need to send you somthing else!
have fun...sheri

Die Hohe Dame said...

oh sorry forgot to say im in germany! we're in the military stationed over here... just so ya know.
:) sheri