Friday, June 1, 2007

A week of sickness in the family.

This has been a long... week.... We have had a virus in our family and it was a hard week.
My daughter Stacey was very sick and had a 103 degree temperature and she was having
lots of stomach pain... She was lethargic and could barely walk, it was quite scary. She is
also 16 years old. We were able to get the temp. down and then took her to the Doctor. She has
an infection and virus of some sort. She had 2 shots and was given an antibiotic. She is pretty
much back to her sweet self. I am very grateful. Also this week my son Kenny 9 , was also sick
and he didn't get as bad but he did get a pretty high fever. He was sick about 3 days. I didn't feel
well but I think it was because of lack of sleep. I am hoping for everyone to be well this Summer
and be healthy. I am grateful that they didn't end up in the emergency room our prayers were
definitely answered.


Professor Howdy said...

Very good posting.
Thank you - Have a good day!!!

Kim said...

sorry to hear of all the illness at your house. I myself haven't felt too great. I hope our summer will be illness free too and YES, i do believe Ryan would be willing to watch Sean while we get out and about this summer - - -he will do it if he wants to learn to drive and get his license! :)

Kim said...

Hey Caleen...missed you at church. Did you get sick too? I'm sorry if you are. Let me know.