Thursday, June 7, 2007

My daughter Lauren!!

Tonight is Graduation at our High School. This daughter should have been their
graduating tonight. We should have all been their to see her and clap and yell for her. Instead,
this daughter decided to graduate early on her own without first telling us and didn't want to
be in school anymore. She did get her diploma and I am proud of her but, I must admit I
wanted to watch her as they called her name so I could be a proud mother... She has always
been an independent girl and has a mind of her own and is full of her own ideas... She has
moved away and is working and making decisions and choices on her own.. I miss this
daughter and I believe in her and I think she will be O.K. and will grow to be a strong, devoted,
noble, loving daughter. For now, I feel she needs to spread her own wings and figure things
out on her own. There isn't a day I don't think of her and miss a lot of things about her. Where
did those 18+ years go? I know we will see her again and we will visit with her when we can ,but
I know it will never exactly be the same again. She calls us on the phone and it seems like she is
right here with us.. We do miss her and hope the best for her, and I hope she knows that she
is, and will always be, our lolo... GOD BE WITH YOU LAUREN- ALWAYS!!!

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Kim said...

awww...i didn't know Lauren moved!!! Tell her I said "hi". I think it's perfectly understandable that she didn't feel like she wanted to hang around the school. She was aching to move onward I guess. I remember feeling the EXACT same way. Some of us don't fit the mold when it comes to school. She will be fine...I've never known a harder worker!!! She's always been an example to me of that...that girl always has a bunch of jobs going at once! She's sweet. Again, tell her I say HI Lauren!!