Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I grew up loving the "PEANUTS GANG" I saw all the TV shows, read all the comics,
I even had a snoopy lunch pail. I loved to try to copy Charles Schultz's drawings.. They were
so simple but I never could get them to look like what he did. He was amazing and brought
a lot of joy to many children. He still does... AMAZING!! My husband and I went to the
Charles Schultz Museum in SANTA ROSA, CA... I loved it!! It brought back so many wonderful
memories of my childhood and after all these years I still enjoy reading the comics and listening
to the music.... Now my children love the PEANUTS GANG and if Charles Schultz could
only know, he would be amazed and happy too.!!! What a legacy!!


Kim said...

I love Charlie Brown too...I love to hear the music from the cartoon shows because it totally makes me happy. I always felt compassion on poor Charlie Brown - maybe I felt his insecurity matched my own. And...i love Snoopy - especially as the World War I Flying Ace....so cute.

Britten said...

The Peanuts are truly the best! What would Christmas and Halloween be without them, really?

By the way...I love your "Dream and Create" picture in your profile. :)