Tuesday, June 26, 2007


The previous post is of a envelope book I made of our 25th wedding anniversary trip to NEW YORK.
My daughter accidently erased all of our 300+ pictures :( I still wanted a way to capture the fun and adventure
we had together while there. I took images from the internet and used pamphlets and memorablia, stickers etc..
to put it together.. I decoupaged, inked, distressed it. I also inserted my journaling of the trip so we will
always remember what we did and how wonderful it was. I only put 4 of the pages.. I am still new to this
blogging and have a lot to learn how to put everything together. I am also learning my camera and the pictures
still don't capture the colors and all the work that I put into it. Hope you enjoy....

1 comment:

Kim said...

it's so wonderful.
i want to see it in person when we get together.