Saturday, May 19, 2007

" Tiny miracles- Ducks in a Pool"!


A few weeks ago, on a rainy day 2 ducks flew into our backyard and got into our pool. I couldn't
believe it when I saw it. I instantly grabbed my camera and called my kids and they all looked in
amazement to what they were seeing. For that day, it was a little miracle from God. Sometimes we
take for granted things that happen in our lives like "NO BIG DEAL" but I saw this as a blessing
from God and a remainder to me that there are many beautiful and remarkable things in our lives to
be grateful for and not take for granted. This situation made me smile and look to the heavens and
thank my Heavenly Father for our 2 ducks in our backyard that our a reminder to me that GOD exists
and he is mindful of each one of us and knows everything we need that is best for us. Those 2 ducks
flew away after our 3 dogs interuppted their swimming. Yet, for a few brief moments it made me remember
that GOD is in charge and he knows what we truly need to be happy.....


Kim said...

Those ducks are just too cute. I'm with you about things like that just being reminders that life is sweet and simple things do make us smile the most. That was fun, I bet. Once I was driving the kids to Costco and on Ashlan there suddenly appeared a family of Quail that wanted to cross the street. There was a mommy and 3 or 4 baby quail waddling all together in a single line and every car just stopped to let them pass - that left me feeling much the same way you did...something so small, yet so remarkable and it will likely never happen again. We just need to keep our eyes open to other miracles around us.

Kim said...

Hi Caleen..
Thanks so very much for the wonderful embroidered picture! I love things like that - they look like a little girl long ago hand stitched it. It is a treasure! I was glad to help you set up your blog and didn't need a gift in return!!! But, i do love it and will think of you whenever i see it. You're a sweet friend.
love, kim