Monday, May 7, 2007

I am a allergy sufferer!!!!!

I don't know when I started having allergies maybe I acquired them in my
little ole' age... For the past week or so I have felt miserable. I have to keep going
on, so I have tried to find some relief... I know I need to just go to my DR. and get
the necessary help but, really this seems so ridiculous... I am making decorations and
stuff for my Daughter, Brooke who is having her baby shower this week... I NEED TO
FEEL GOOD!!! I am sure there are others out there who suffer like I do. We need to
talk... Well, the night-time is near and sleep is the best remedy. Have a good night :)

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Kim said...

Hey...maybe you just have a bad cold. I just got over the worst cold I've had in years. Watery eyes that would not stop. Sunday I couldn't go to church just because I looked like I was just continuously crying. I had to tie a bandana around my eyes and lay with my eyes closed for the entire day. It was weird. I kept thinking, What if this doesn't stop? What if I have ALLERGIES? but then I got better. hopefully it's not allergies...and you're doing better now. But, if it is get some medicine that won't make you tired - like that Benadryl in the picture. I just see the box and I feel like I could nod off.......hahah