Friday, May 25, 2007


I decided to go with my husband, Kevin to some appointments he had in the L.A.
area. We left on Wednesday afternoon and drove to Bakersfield, Ca where I stopped by
at one of my favorite Scrapbook stores. "SIMPLY-SCRAPBOOKS" I love that store it is
so put together and always has the latest scrapbooking stuff. We then drove to Valencia
and stayed at a Hotel there. In the morning we left to get to L.A. I asked a lady at the
restraunt we went to if there were some neat antique stores around and she pointed us to
the town of POMONA, CALIFORNIA. so, after driving for awhile we found it. It is a cute
town and had an area of all antique malls etc... He dropped me off and off he went to an
appointment and we would hook up again in 3 hours. I had no trouble being busy... I was
like a little kid in a candy store... so many fun things to look at and so many fun thing I wanted.
The time went by fast and I could have been there even longer.. I ended up purchasing.
4 old sheet musics, 4 old photographs, 1 embroidered vintage apron, big bag of old jewelry,
1 black hat box, 1 old jar filled with sewing stuff and buttons, 1 bag of buttons, 1 old wooden
box, 2 embroidered vintage scotty dog linen towels. I now need to get busy and start making
some neat things.. We then stayed in Anaheim next to DISNEYLAND and ate at dowtown
Disneyland at the "JAZZ KITCHEN" we walked around and then went to our hotel to watch
tv and relax. It was short and sweet and I had a great time.


Kim said...

How fun that you got a little getaway with Kevin! got some great treasures. I look forward to see what you're going to create.

Maybe next week we can get together?

Kim said...


I missed you today at church! I hope you're doing okay?? Just know that you were missed and are loved...Kim