Thursday, April 26, 2007

My daughter Brooke and I needed to get some striped/polka dot
paper for some pinwheels we are making for her BABY SHOWER.
We decided to drive to the little town I was born in because they have
the cutest little town and the best dog-gone ICE CREAM.. We found
our paper, then we went in a few ANTIQUE SHOPS. We found some
unique treasures. Then we went to the cute little old ICE CREAM
place to get the famous "CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM" and my other
favorite, "ORANGE". I didn't realize that it would be soooo big!!
I enjoyed every minute of it... It is the real old fashioned thing.. We
had to hurry because my other kids were getting home from school
and we had a 35 minute drive to get to our home.... It was well worth

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