Saturday, April 28, 2007

Kenny my 9 year old and I woke up early sat. am to go to our
annual RODEO PARADE in our small town of CLOVIS. I love to go
and support our town since it is my home. We always enjoy the
spirit of the RODEO. There are clowns, school bands, different
businesses,horses, cotton candy, balloons, country music, sport
cars, QUEEN OF THE RODEO, sheriff and local forces etc.. Kenny
and I had a good time in the warm sun and enjoyed being there
to support our great town of CLOVIS.. YEE HAW!!!!

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Kim said...

hi, we actually missed the Fairy Festival by one day! I had asked at one of the shops last February when the Fairy Festival was and someone told me it was the last weekend in april. So, we booked our bed and breakfast and we show up this past weekend for the Fairy Festival - - - and we were informed that it was Sunday only! So, that's partly why i was grumpy on Sunday...haha...i was teaching chitter chattering children when my heart was back in Cambria at the Fairy Festival.
aaaah well.......