Sunday, April 22, 2007

How I spent my Weekend....

I had a wonderful weekend. It all started out on Friday, I went to "Vintage Days".
I went in the afternoon and luckily it wasn't raining. It was perfect weather. I walked
around looking at all the different booths, craft, food, buisnesses etc.. Of course I ended
up at the craft booths. I appreciate all crafts and enjoying looking. I also couldn't resist
buying something. My Daughter is having a baby in June, a boy, and his room will be
decorated in "AIRPLANES" since I am his Grandma, I couldn't resist getting him something
for his room.... This is what I purchased..... I also found a few things for me also...:)
I also took some pictures of the roses at the college where 'VINTAGE DAYS" IS HELD.
they were beautiful.....
I also stopped by my wonderful friend kim's house. She has such a beautiful home and
it is so inspiring... She makes and sells wonderful bracelets and necklaces... She also knows
how to crochet!! She is definitely multi-talented. Thank you kim, for letting us visit..... :)

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